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Is keeping up with social media a "necessary evil" for you and your company? You know you need it, but how to make it work for you can be tricky. It takes a certain mindset, lots of creativity and a good amount of time to do it right. But, when it is done right, you can reach more people, more economically than you ever could with traditional radio, TV and print advertising.

Yet, having your own in-house social media person can be expensive and doing it yourself can be frustrating. Whether farming it out to a third party is a good option for you depends upon your marketing goals. If you simply want to "say" you're on social media, then you don't need anything special. Put up your profiles and be done with it. Let them sit there and hope people eventually "like" or "follow" you. 

But if what is important to you is creating a connection with your audience, building the "know, like and trust" factor so that people not only buy from you, but also keep coming back for more, please consider our unique social media management strategy.

"Marnie has come aboard our team and literally made our FaceBook page come alive! Most of us donít have time to do social media management and our staff is not trained to do it right. Talk to her about how she can increase your presence in social media. She is very experienced and does a great job." - Dr. Roger Moczygemba

"Marnie Pehrson has a real knack for pulling together high-quality collaborations of like-minded professionals! She is brilliant with using multi-pronged strategies on social media to create high visibility, weaving together well-written prose with eye-catching graphics. She inspires the best from her collaborators - and I'm proud to have been part of her Trust Your Heart book series!" Terri Zwierzynski, http://www.Solo-E.com

Should You Be Running Facebook Ads?

Did you know you can reach your exact audience with Facebook? Iím talking down to zip codes, religious affiliations, the magazines they read, age, gender, hobbies, just about anythingÖ you name it!

The great thing is you can decide the results you want. For example, do you want more visitors to your web site? More Likes to your Facebook Page? More people signing up for your list? More sales? All of these are possible.

Now, how much do you want to spend? You can spend as little as a $1 per day on advertising. Iíve gotten click-throughís to web sites down as low as 10 cents per click (although the average is probably around $.30-.40 per click. Iíve seen Likes as low as $.17/Like, although they can go higher or could be lower. It really all depends upon the audience youíre trying to reach and the response rate of the ad youíre running. The great thing is you can set your budget and know ahead of time the ball park of what youíll be paying per action. You can also tweak and adjust your ad or your audience at any point in the process.

Hereís what one of my clients had to say. We consulted together on their objectives and crafted an advertising strategy, objective and budget that met their needs.

"I want to thank you for your help with our Facebook ad campaign. We met our goals and spent less than originally estimated. I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with everything! You are good at what you do, and I am glad to have your help! Sure makes a difference when somebody actually knows what they are doing!" - Deseret Ward, Political Campaign Manager

Iíve been doing online advertising since 1998. As the creator of one of the largest and longest-running content directories, I was on the ďpublisherĒ side of the equation. I ran ads that generated five figures each month and learned an immense amount about what makes a successful ad campaign. Itís all about maximizing results for your advertising budget. I can quickly identify what you need in place BEFORE you run ads to drive traffic. Without these elements in place, youíre just throwing your money down the toilet!

I bring my years of online marketing and advertising experience to the table with my social media clients, helping them get the best results from their campaigns at the best rate possible.

Whether you only want help with your ad campaigns or you want to beef up your social media engagement, I have a plan that will work for you and your budget.

If you'd like a done-for-you-solution, choose from one of the following options below. 

Facebook Ad Mngmt Social Media Management
Facebook Ad Management. Includes managing one ad campaign/month where we'll test 3 ads against each other. Includes targeting, adjusting and monitoring for best results. (Note: your budget for advertising is not included in our monthly fee) Facebook Ad Management. Includes managing two ad campaign/month where we'll test 3 ads against each other in each campaign. Includes targeting, adjusting and monitoring for best results. (Note: your budget for advertising is not included in our monthly fee)
Two 30-minute consulting calls/month to coordinate ad campaigns with your business strategy and make sure your entire process is streamlined for best results.  Two 30-minute consulting calls/month to coordinate ad campaigns with your business strategy and make sure your entire process is streamlined for best results. 
Email updates on how your campaigns are doing as we go along. Email updates on how your campaigns are doing as we go along.
  1 custom, engaging posts/day to your Facebook page, and Twitter platforms. We keep your audience and their interests in mind as well as your marketing objectives to create posts that engage and get shared.
  4 share-worthy image quotes created each month with your logo. Posted to your Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts. Examples
  Engaging with and responding to conversation threads on your Facebook page 
  Sharing select posts from your page with our social media audience where applicable. (Ex: Marnie has 4,200+ FB Friends and 4,680+ Twitter followers)


*Note: Minimum 3-month commitment required for best results.

Have Questions? Need Something Customized? 
Call 706-866-2295 or email marnie@marniepehrson.com 

"I've played with Marnie in multiple playgrounds, as a contributor to her best selling book series, as a joint venture partner and as co-host for a LIVE event. She is one of the most creative/collaborative geniuses I know with a bandwidth of skills that will amaze and thrill you. Marnie is an extraordinary community leader. When you play with this gal you'll feel seen and heard, be light years ahead of the pack, and be more YOU than you've ever been before. You rock, Ms. Marnie!" Adela Rubio Build Your Tribe Mentor, BIG Shifts Coach and two-time Amazon Best Seller http://adelarubio.com

Marnie Pehrson, author, speaker, platform builder & publishing coach

Uniquely Qualified to Assist You in Leveraging the Power of Connection to Create Buzz for Your Business:

8 years of online ad management, coordinating five figure monthly ad campaigns.

Best-selling author of 23 titles including multiple collaborative books.

Creator of the first online article directory with over 200,000 contributors.

17 years of experience as an online publicist, helping her clients land interviews with places like TV Guide, Inc., CNN, etc.

15 years of online community building where like-minded people connect around shared visions.

Before You Spend a Dime on Facebook Advertising, Make Sure You Run Down This 5-Point Checklist


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